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  1. Members get $5.00 off their registration fee at all MKA tournaments
  • If you compete in all MKA tournaments this discount pays for your membership dues plus saves you an additional $10.00
  1. Eligibility for a State Champion Title!!!
  • Only MKA members can accumulate points in MKA tournaments. At the conclusion of the tournament year, all points will be tabulated and the competitor accumulating the highest number of points in a division achieves the state championship title. There are also runner-up titles, competitior of the year titles, sportsman of the year titles and many more... 
  • State Champions receive a free jacket or plaque at the MKA awards banquet commemorating their achievement  
  1. Your input matters. 
  • Any active member in good standing shall have the right to appear and participate in our annual general meeting during the awards banquet and to vote on all matters brought before the meeting. Members may also introduce ideas to the board to help us improve our tournaments. 

(Each competitor must compete in a minimum of 4 tournaments during the tournament season  and accumulate the most points in his/her division. For every competitor that competes in kata or kumite at the final tournament of the season, a bonus of 2 points will be added to his/her scores.)    

Joining the MKA

Cost of Joining the MKA

  • $25.00 annual membership dues

Benefits of Being a MKA Member

  1.  You can join the MKA or renew your membership at any MKA tournament:
  • At the first two tournament there will be a table set up for MKA sign ups. 
  • After the first two tournaments you can join the MKA during a tournament by going to the announcer's table and signing up with Sabra Temple.
  1. Join or renew between tournaments by mail:
  •  Download and print the following MKA Renewal/New Membership Form
  • Complete the information and mail to the address on the form along with $25.00       

Ways to join the MKA or to renew membership:​


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